A new world of power

Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play

A new world of power

Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play


Oticon Xceed

Open up to a world of power

Oticon Xceed is the world’s most powerful hearing aid. Powered by the Velox S™ platform, and featuring BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Xceed provides patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss more access to speech than ever before.

oticon Ruby

Oticon Ruby (New)

Made to Move

The new Oticon Ruby “sets a new standard in the essential category, delivering great sound quality, hassle-free rechargeability, and easy wireless connectivity in one complete solution.

Oticon breaks the rules. Again.

Oticon Opn S™

Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing
Powered by the new advanced Velox S™ platform, Opn S hearing aids take the open sound experience to the next level to deliver speech understanding on par with normal hearing. *

*Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Opn S 1

Oticon India

Oticon Opn Play™

The hearing aid that opens up a child’s world
Opn Play is a whole new way for children to hear sounds and increase their speech understanding in noise. This provides better conditions to meet their developmental needs and the day-to-day challenges of growing up.

Oticon Hearing Aid Solutions

Designed to help you communicate, interact and participate fully in life.

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Try Opn S hearing aids risk free

Take the open sound experience to the next level with Oticon Opn S breakthrough technology. Try Opn S for yourself by signing up for a risk free trial.

New Opn S rechargeable hearing aids!

A full day’s power. Every day. Opn S miniRITE R gives you convenient rechargeable batteries paired with Oticon’s open sound experience.

Go wireless with Oticon accessories

Make and receive hands-free calls, stream stereo sound to both ears, and more. Plus, ConnectClip allows you to use any modern smartphone or accessory with your Oticon hearing aids.

A world of possibilities

Oticon hearing aids connect you to the Internet via the If This Then That network (IFTTT.com). Want the lights to turn on automatically when you switch on your hearing aids? Want to be notified through your hearing aids when someone’s at the door? You can.

Oticon Focus on People Awards 2019

Finalists will be announced in August!

Oticon Opn™ – customized to you!

Now you can experience open sound in your choice of custom in-the-ear styles. From compact to invisible, there is an Opn solution for you.

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