Oticon Chili Sp5 / Sp7 / Sp9

Oticon Chili Sp5 / SP7/ Sp9 is a discreet super power instrument designed to meet the special and diverse needs of people with greater hearing losses, ranging from moderately-severe to profound.

The slim durable 13 battery based BTE style offers prompt control and visual volume indication.
Powered by the RISE 2 platform, Chili applies Speech Guard signal processing to optimally preserve vital speech dynamics for the individual. Chili offers second generation wireless ConnectLine support for phone, mobile and TV
use as well as full conventional FM/DAI and T-coil connectivity

Core Features 

Speech Guard E

Speech Guard E makes it easier for the user to select, switch and follow conversation in noise intuitively and with less effort.


Enhance positive listening & communication experiences, such as streaming conversation from phones, enjoying one-to-one communication, watching TV, listening to music, video chatting, & more.

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