Oticon Como

Great performance in its class

Oticon Como hearing aids offer excellent sound quality and retain the natural character of sound to make listening both easier and more realistic. Como is equipped with a technology that synchronizes the operation of two devices, so you get a balanced listening experience for a better understanding of speech.
Oticon Como offers you:

  • An undisturbed listening experience
  • Easy listening throughout the day
  • A highly personal hearing solution

Core Features

An undisturbed listening experience

The wide variety of sound data that can be processed by Oticon Como guarantees an undisturbed listening experience. This not only increases listening convenience and comfort. It also means that there are fewer interruptions such as distortion or whistling, which disturbs the listening concentration.

Hearing is extremely personal

Nobody hears the same way. Your hearing care professional can personalize your hearing experience with Oticon Como based on your individual preferences. The standard profile can be adjusted very precisely using three different settings. With Como – in its class – a higher level of personalization can be achieved.

The sound from TV, telephone and music directly in your hearing aid

You can make your Oticon Como hearing solution even more complete with the Oticon ConnectLine series. ConnectLine is a fully integrated system that connects your hearing aids to various devices for communication and entertainment.

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