Oticon Nera
Oticon Nera2 represents the next step in natural sound quality and hearing personalisation by uniting the input needs of your clients with their personal listening preferences. Thanks to Soft Speech Booster alongside BrainHearing technologies, Nera2 sets the mid-price standard by giving your clients richer spatial awareness while enhancing the soft sounds so often missed.

Core Features

Inium Sense feedback shield

Efficiently prevents feedback, also in difficult situations, without compromising audibility and sound quality.

Soft Speech Booster

Intimate moments are about the personal feelings conveyed by soft voices, but for the hearing impaired, soft voices are particularly difficult to follow.

YouMatic Advanced

Based on 3 Personal Profiles & environment detection, the hearing instruments can be programmed to deliver personal performance.

Spatial Sound Advanced

It organizes sounds to create an awareness of the sound environment & prioritizes the sounds the user wishes to focus on, including speech.

Tinnitus Soundsupport™

Whether you are new to tinnitus treatment or have years of experience, we offer a complete package to support you.


Enhance positive listening & communication experiences, such as streaming conversation from phones, enjoying one-to-one communication, watching TV, listening to music, video chatting, & more.

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