Oticon Ria

Oticon | Ria

Oticon Ria is built on the new Inium platform and is our best performing hearing solution in the essential category. The audiology in Ria provides its users essential listening performance in several situations and allows to factoring in listening preferences and needs of each client.

Oticon | Ria2

Oticon Ria2 delivers excellent sound quality in the essential segment and by Binaural Synchronisation provides your clients with a more balanced listening experience. Enabling you to cover even more clients’ individual needs, Ria2 will also help new users feel comfortable in making the transition to hearing instruments easier by mapping the world around them.

Core Features

Inium feedback shield

Efficiently prevents feedback, also in difficult situations, without compromising audibility and sound quality.

Tinnitus Soundsupport™

Whether you are new to tinnitus treatment or have years of experience, we offer a complete package to support you.

YouMatic Essential

Based on 1 Personal Profile and environment detection, the hearing instruments can be programmed to deliver personal performance.


Enhance positive listening & communication experiences, such as streaming conversation from phones, enjoying one-to-one communication, watching TV, listening to music, video chatting, & more.

Oticon | Ria

BTE/RITE, Custom

Oticon Dynamo is a small and powerful hearing aid. To give you a discreet instrument for comfortable wear, it is designed to be the smallest hearing aid with a size 13 battery.

Colour your life – Dynamo is available in seven colours. This gives you the freedom to choose which best complements your skin tone, hair colour and personal style









Half Shell

Full Shell

Oticon | Ria2

BTE/RITE, Custom


BTE Plus Power

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