5 Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids of 2021 Available In India


It’s not too long ago that people with hearing disabilities who used hearing aids had to remove them to accommodate earphones to enjoy listening to their favourite artists.

It was an added effort and an extra thing that people suffering from hearing loss must always remember to carry when they leave their homes or even while they move around indoors. Not anymore!

Bluetooth technology seamlessly integrates with hearing machines and they can connect all your smart devices. No need to carry a pair of earphones separately.

Just the right pair of the best Bluetooth Hearing Aid for you and you can listen to your favourite podcast and answer a call without having to switch between gears.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids can connect with smart devices like your smartphones, tablets and even televisions to stream signals directly to the hearing aid.

Things to keep in mind about Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Technology


1) Bluetooth is a wireless technology and the hearing aid must activate Bluetooth, pair it with another Bluetooth compatible device and then connect it to start using.

2) Bluetooth enables your hearing aid to connect with other Bluetooth compatible devices and communicate in a wireless environment.

3) It must not be mistakenly understood that Bluetooth hearing aids help you ‘hear better in a noisy environment.

4) Patients can automatically hear audio from other connected and paired Bluetooth enabled devices without worrying about background noise. These devices automatically filter out background noise.

5) When buying a Bluetooth Hearing Aid, speak with your hearing care professional to better understand what suits you the best and how to use them to achieve the best results.

6) Bluetooth Hearing Aids can offer a lot of comfort, ease and safety to patients at a low cost. So it’s always a wise decision to invest in one.


Benefits of using a Bluetooth Hearing Aid


You can only think of making the lives of people suffering from hearing loss a tad bit easier. Bluetooth Hearing Aids are just the right thing to consider as an offering as they provide them comfort and also entertainment on-demand.

bluetooth hearing aid


1)  Listen to music – A Bluetooth enabled hearing aid can eliminate the need of carrying separate headphones. Your hearing aids become a wireless stereo headset, letting you enjoy high quality music at a comfortable listening level

2) Make phone callsBluetooth hearing aids can easily pair with your smartphone, letting your hearing aids become wireless headphones for phone calls.

3) Remotely control your hearing aids – App-based adjustments allow patients to customise their settings right from their device. For e.g. settings related to volume adjustments or setting up multiple audio profiles.

4) No need to visit the clinic for fine-tuning hearing aids –  Oticon RemoteCare app lets you hold a virtual appointment with your hearing care professional, where they can remotely adjust your hearing aids.

5) More stable than Wi-Fi – Bluetooth connectivity is more stable than Wi-Fi, so streaming through a variety of connected devices happens smoothly without lags and also cuts most of the background noise.

Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids 

1. Oticon Opn S – (RIC style)

Oticon Opn S hearing aids help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments.

2. Oticon Ruby – (RIC style)

Oticon Ruby includes 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology to efficiently connect with, and clearly stream from TV’s, Computers, iPhones® or any other modern smartphone via ConnectClip.

3. Oticon Opn – (All styles except IIC)

All styles except IIC offer 2.4 GHz wireless technology and are made for iPhone® functionality.*

4. Oticon Xceed – (BTE style)

 Oticon Xceed, the world’s most powerful hearing aid is for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

5. Oticon Siya – (All styles)

Oticon Siya, is a combination of excellent sound quality, 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy connectivity and a comprehensive choice of styles and accessories.

Note: Non-iPhone Device users need additional accessories like Oticon Connectclip or Oticon Streamer Pro to connect hearing aids with smartphones.

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